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Date Football Teams Football League My Tip Outcome
28 May 2020 Aarhus vs Randers Denmark: Superliga Aarhus 0 AH Draw
27 May 2020 Sparta Prague vs Plzen Czech Republic: 1. Liga Under 2.5 Loss
27 May 2020 Stal Mielec vs Lech Poznan (VIP TIP) Poland: Polish Cup Over 2.5 WIN
26 May 2020 Werder Bremen vs B. Monchengladbach Germany: Bundesliga Over 2.5 Loss
26 May 2020 Dortmund vs B. Munich (VIP TIP) Germany: Bundesliga B. Munich WIN
25 May 2020 No Teams No League No Tip No Result
24 May 2020 BATE vs Brest Belarus: Vysshaya League BATE Loss
24 May 2020 Tulevik vs Levadia (VIP TIP) Estonia: Premium Liiga Over 3.5 WIN
23 May 2020 Sangju Sangmu vs Gwangju FC South Korea: K League 1 Sangju Sangmu 0 AH WIN
22 May 2020 Heidenheim vs Wehen Germany: 2nd Bundesliga Over 2.5 Loss
21 May 2020 Neman vs Zhodino Belarus: Vysshaya League Over 2.5 WIN
20 May 2020 Brest vs BATE Belarus: Vysshaya League Over 2.5 WIN
20 May 2020 Istra vs Gorica (VIP TIP) World: Club Friendly Over 2.5 WIN
19 May 2020 No Teams No League No Tip No Result
18 May 2020 No Teams No League No Tip No Result
17 May 2020 Wehen vs Stuttgart Germany: 2nd Bundesliga Over 2.5 WIN
16 May 2020 Hoffenheim vs Hertha Berlin Germany: Bundesliga Over 2.5 WIN
15 May 2020 Vlasim vs Mas Taborsko World: Club Friendly Vlasim WIN
14 May 2020 No Teams No League No Tip No Result
13 May 2020 Ceske Budejovice vs Mas Taborsko World: Club Friendly Over 3.5 WIN
12 May 2020 No Teams No League No Tip No Result
11 May 2020 No Teams No League No Tip No Result
10 May 2020 Oshmyany vs Orsha Belarus: Pervaya Liga Over 2.5 Loss
10 May 2020 Isloch vs Belshina (VIP TIP) Belarus: Vysshaya League Over 2.5 WIN

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