Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Miguel, if I buy your tips, when will I receive them?

I usually send my tips every day at 10:00 AM (GMT +0)

Miguel, if 1 tip will be loss, will you offer a replacement?

My tips don't have replacement yet. That's why the price is low. I will introduce tips with replacement soon.

Miguel, do you recommend using a system with your tips?

I always send along with my tips recommendation on how to bet that particular tip.

Miguel, i want to buy your tips for 2 or 3 months, do you have an offer for me?

Just send me a short email to discuss this. Theres always a way to make us both happy.

Miguel, why did you leave

This is a private question and i wont be able to answer it. Thank you for understanding.

Miguel, are you better than Huber?

Huber and I have different approaches to choosing successfull tips, but we can't say who is better. He has a safe approach, I'm more with the "feeling/instinct".

Where do you want to receive the tips?

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